Biden Defies Supreme Court, Not A Threat To Democracy?

Supreme Court made a ruling, Biden doesn't care


4/11/20241 min read

With the 2024 election drawing nearer, the phrase “Threat to Democracy” is frequently employed to describe the former president. However, this week, once again, we are confronted with the true “Threat to Democracy”: Joe Biden and his administration, which some see as being influenced by woke ideology. "What has he done this time?" you may ask. Despite a previous ruling by the Supreme Court on Student Loan forgiveness, Biden and his team have announced new measures to address student loan debt. In their eagerness to please their base, they seem to disregard legal precedent, raising concerns about the administration's approach to governance and the potential for vote-buying tactics.

It is evident that Joe Biden's cavalier attitude toward the law poses a genuine “Threat to Democracy”. However, it remains a question whether his political maneuvers truly reflect the will of the people or cater to the interests of a select few who seek to exploit the system. Many ordinary working people in the country assert, “This does not represent us.”

Even those who advocate for pathways to relieve student debt harbor reservations about burdening taxpayers with the responsibility. Instead, they propose leveraging the endowments of universities that offer degrees of questionable value, such as Women's Studies or various Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) programs. With the escalating costs of tuition, books, and campus housing nationwide, there's growing consensus that degrees should align with prospects for future employment and success. Presently, this alignment is often lacking. Therefore, the onus should be on educational institutions to be accountable rather than on taxpayers.

True to form, Joe Biden appears to prioritize division over unity. Student debt relief is merely the latest issue used to stoke controversy. Furthermore, the administration's apparent willingness to flout the law in pursuit of its agenda only serves to mobilize its most radical supporters ahead of the November elections. Thus, the question arises: who truly poses the greatest “Threat to Democracy”? Instances like these shed light on the answer as clear as day.