Democrats Shaken on "Biggest Threat To Democracy"

RFK Jr. makes shocking admission on biggest threat to Democracy


4/4/20241 min read

This week, a cold wind blew through the Democrat camp. RFK Jr. went on Erin Burnett’s CNN show for what many thought would be an easy-win interview. Lo and behold many could not fathom what came next. RFK Jr. in his lengthy interview echoed many populist sentiments. Nothing seemed off limits from election interference, weaponization of the Executive Branch against political enemies, including himself. Finally, to outright declaring himself a populist.

That though wasn’t the most shocking of all his statements, RFK Jr. still had gas in the tank. In what many in the Democrat Camp consider heresy, RFK Jr. claimed Joe Biden is the bigger threat to democracy than his opponent Donald J. Trump!

The Ladies take an in-depth look on how comments like this affect the election and beyond. Is RFK Jr. an advocate or a wolf in sheep’s clothing to MAGA Land? Do moments like these wake up the populace or is it just wasted exposure of Big Government flexing the end of the Constitution? Does it help Trump for RFK Jr. to stay in the race?

All this and more this week on Pop and Politics. (WATCH)