Is The Black Community God?

The Black Community seems to be the trendsetters and the arbiters of what is good and forgivable..

5/8/20241 min read

For a long time now there has been an unspoken rule of the west. It is, as go Black folk, so goes American culture. If the Black Community says it is so, then it is so. Regardless of whether there is actual truth to the claim or not. This behavior is not limited to one side of the political aisle or another either. All sides flex their “Black” muscle to establish their truths.

There are countless examples of both truthful and untruthful narratives pushed. Just look to any number of BLM narratives. Michael Brown and George Floyd are the chart toppers here. The Black Community insisted an assault on a police office never happened. Instead, it was “Hands up Don’t Shoot!” Or that a known career criminal is now a saint being oppressed by the systemically racist cops. Or Ye being invited to the White House to demonstrate Trump’s care and concern for the Black Community or rather the country as a whole. What appears to be Black Tokenization for political gain is everywhere.

It isn’t limited to politics alone. Across western culture the Black Community are the trendsetters for almost all of what we consider hip or cool. Black celebrities, athletes and entertainers all have over sized voices for better or for worse. The next TikTok dance is almost certainly born out of some Hip Hop madness. The loudest voices of the Red Pill Manosphere are from the Black Community i.e. Andrew Tate or Kevin Samuels. Even Candace Owens gets to have a hip and happening redemption arc as the Black Community welcomes her back in. Of course it is not without its pound of flesh, because they require everyone to pay the toll.

All this begs the question “Is the Black Community God?”