Summer of Love 2024 Theme Set, "Free Palestine"


4/30/20241 min read

Over the past few weeks, we've witnessed a surge of hate-filled antisemitism spreading across college campuses in our nation and around the world. Calls for “Final Solutions” and “Global Intifada” echo from the quads of Columbia to Sydney University. Is this merely a continuation of the familiar antisemitic rhetoric we've regrettably grown accustomed to, or does it signify something more insidious, a darker and more destructive force brewing within the soul of the West?

It's evident that these protests are not spontaneous or locally driven phenomena originating from student bodies across universities worldwide. From the uniformity of the tents in all encampments to the catered food tables, it's clear that someone or something is funding all of this. And who might that be? The answer is self-evident: the same individuals and groups that have bankrolled the intersectional upheaval witnessed in the West in recent years. The Summer of Love 2024 has officially commenced, and the "Free Palestine" movement is simply the latest manifestation of the Mass Line by Progressive Marxists in their endeavor to dismantle the country.

Manning Johnson, in his book "Color, Communism, and Common Sense", warns us of these subversive tactics employed in these protests. We must take heed of the evil that lurks within and take the necessary measures to thwart its advance. It is our duty to confront this anti-American rhetoric head-on and extinguish these abhorrent ideas and ideologies wherever they attempt to take root, particularly in institutions of higher learning.

Ultimately, we must "Be Aware and Prepare!"